Bitcoin price x2, double your btc moon Bitcoin transaction volume

Bitcoin price x2, double your btc moon Bitcoin transaction volume

According to u. today (Dec. 1), according to a recent tweet by glassnode, the number of bitcoins extracted from 1-dayma reached a 17 month high. The number is now 2288.125, up from 2265.875 on November 26. As traders saw their profits hit a record high after November, experts thought it was possible that they had recovered their record profits afBitcoin price x2, double your btc moon Bitcoin transaction volumeter November. In addition, many people may withdraw money in order to store their bitcoin in cold wallets. Now we have officially opened the bull bear Certificate (recyclable contract) real offer trading, and opened a 7-day participation in the real offer of $10 point card activity. Bull bear certificate is a kind of leverage derivative which provides the choice of bullish and bearish. Users only need to buy bullish and bear bearish bearish to realize spot trading and enlarge the income by using high leverage attribute. The handling rate is the same as that of the spot, only 0.2% of the basic rate is charged. It supports VIP plus discount or point card deduction (point card deduction does not add VIP discount), but GT deduction is not supported temporarily.

1. The total market value of defi concept currency is now US $15773 billion (- 11.38%), and the top five tokens are: wbtc (US $2081 million), CDAI (US $1256 million), Dai (US $1058 million), uniswapv2 (US $680 million) and yfi (US $543 million).

According to the currency world market, as of today's 18:00, the top three net capital inflows are fil (+ 4.593 million US dollars), LTC (+ 4.18986 million US dollars) and CVC (+ 3.0537 million US dollars); the top three net capital outflows are BTC (- 182 million US dollars), ETH (- 47.3063 million US dollars) and EOS (- 11.2517 million US dollars).

Stani kulechov, founder of AAVE, tweeted that chainlink was offering a feed price to AAVE, and the image provided by him showed that the Dai price was $1.30. Some users questioned the delay in updating the feed price. In this regard, he said that if there was a deviation between the normal price and the extreme price, even if the feed price provider submitted $1.3, the deviation would be so large that the deviation would not be taken into account.

According to currency world, as of 10:00 today, the top three net capital inflows are: theta (+ 5192500), BCH (+ 2.8439 million), Iost Bitcoin price x2, double your btc moon Bitcoin transaction volume(+ 2.528 million); the top three are BTC (- 259 million), ETH (- 135 million), XRP (- 59.5588 million).