Bitcoin prices in the past 30 days

Bitcoin prices in the past 30 days

The founder of Ethereum V Shen just tweeted that it is less than 12 hours before the start of Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain, andBitcoin prices in the past 30 days we are now in the epoch-106 stage.

According to cointegraph, the European Commission is bidding for pre commercial procurement (PCP), which will focus on the development of new blockchain solutions based on the EU legal framework, such as general data protection regulations, electronic identification, authentication and trust services regulations and network information system directives. The process will award R & D contracts to service providers who can provide the best value for money, after which these vendors will develop solutions in phases and reduce the number of contractors entering each subsequent phase.

As of November 13, the total scale of gray asset management has reached 9.8 billion US dollars. The trading price of bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) was $17.96 per share, down 1.54% from the previous day; the transaction price of Ethereum Trust Fund (ethe) was $63.56 per share, up 2.52% from the previous day.

On November 24, Yearn.Finance An official document announced that makerdao's proposal to raise the yfi-a debt ceiling to 20 million Dai has come into effect.

2. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached $14.68 billion (+ 2.23%). Maker ranked first with 18.58% of the total value of $2.73 billion. The total value of locked assets of wbtc was $2.32 billion, and the total value of compound locked assets was 16

Users can open the Daedalus wallet and click to check the saturation of the current delegation pool. If the current saturation does not exceed 30%, there will be no problem. Otherwise, if the current saturation exceeds 30%, immediate action should be taken to re select the delegation pool. The deadline for operation adjustment is 0Bitcoin prices in the past 30 days5:44:51 on December 2. Prior to the news on November 25, iohk announced the new ADA entrustment plan, and 15% of the ADA held will be allocated to the new pledge pool.

According to the official announcement of 58coin, its quarterly contract has been settled for the eighth time in the fourth quarter of 2020 at 17:58 today. The settlement has been completed and the apportionment mechanism has not been opened. According to the official introduction, its quarterly contract has the unique design and characteristics of floating profit open position, two-way position, usdt valuation and settlement, and maximum leverage of 150 times.

Bmex official said: bmex is a professional contract trading platform. The contract insurance launched by the world is warmly sought after by the market. There was once a call that "the new hot spot in 2020 depends on the contract plus insurance". Recently, bmex has also launched the "slide point protection" and "abnormal price protection" programs in the world, which will thoroughly solve the malicious sliding point and needle insertion phenomenon in the industry.

3. P é ter Szil á gyi, the core developer of Ethereum, said that small miners could not raise funds and were withdrawing from the filecoin network.