Max Keizer Bitcoin

Max Keizer Bitcoin

And DPOS does not stop there. BM and his team are still supplementing and improving the consensus mechanism. On May 3, 2018, in the eos.io0 version, BM strengthened the DPOS consensus loss problem caused by the last irreversible block. Those who are interested can cMax Keizer Bitcoinheck

In addition, according to my reasoning about the final reward model and the effect of communication, the temptation of $1 million is far less than expected. Either most people think it has nothing to do with them, or the average per capita is tens of dollars, which is not worth the effort. Instead, I suggest shortening the reward period, adapting appropriate rewards accordingly, and eating smaller meals. For example, 10 puzzles will be rewarded with the equivalent of 20,000 USD in BTC. In this way, ordinary people still have a winning rate that fits their knowledge or region, and there is almost no ordinary person winning rate for 400 puzzles. (From: GrooveTunez)

Plasma also created a mechanism to prevent fraudulent withdrawal from the main chain. Plasma includes a mechanism by which anyone (including you) can post fraud proof to the root contract to prove that the block producer is cheating. This fraud proof will contain information about the previous block. According to the state transition rules of the sub-chain, the fake block does not conform to the previous state. If the fraud is confirmed, the child chain will be returned to the previous block. Even better, we have built a system in which any block producer who signs a fake block will be punished for losing an on-chain deposit.

The Bitcoin community has a very interesting culture. I can often see fierce debates between two Bitcoiners but they can get along very friendly. As Confucius said, gentlemen are harmonious but different. Regarding cultural symbols in the blockchain world, it seems that we can start a separate article to talk about it.

Enki: I think the essential logic is still the issue of Bitcoin's interest. Participating in DeFi is to earn interest. How to turn Bitcoin into an interest-bearing asset is a long-term topic, and I think DeFi is one of the solutions. Set a flag. In the future, traditional Wall Street institutions may also explore more traditional financial paths to make Bitcoin generate interest.

Chen Zhipeng: I think that under the current regulatory environment, there are basically no legal issues in the field of currency-free blocMax Keizer Bitcoinkchains, such as alliance chains and private chains that do not issue tokens. In this part, various parts of the country and industrial parks are actively guiding. The first blockchain electronic invoice in two days was born on the blockchain platform provided by Tencent, and the exploration in this area has little legal problems.

The news media pointed out: The association predicts that the self-regulatory review is expected to be carried out smoothly. The association requires thirty-three member exchanges to accept self-regulatory review. Twenty-three of them agreed; ten refused and were invited out of the association. The list of withdrawals includes Coinnest, whose CEO was recently arrested.

But what needs to be noticed is that since 2013, many national central banks have been studying the launch of central bank digital currency (CBDC) or legal digital currency. If the central bank can launch a digital currency suitable for the online world, does it still need a network token like stable currency?

Tether is a dollar-linked digital token that exists on the Omni protocol (an extension of the Bitcoin blockchain). 1 unit of Tether (USDT) is created by sending 1 U.S. dollar to TetherLimited (Tether issuing company). As long as the corresponding USDT token is in circulation, TetherLimited will keep all reserves. Therefore, people can exchange the same amount of U.S. dollars for their USDT tokens, and the trading price of USDT in the market is 1 U.S. dollar.