Bitcoin mining block

Bitcoin mining block

On December 8, Bob summerwill, executive director of Ethereum classic collective (ECC), tweetedBitcoin mining block that the bidding for the etc domain name held by etc developer codyburns had ended and Ethereum classic labs was now under control Website, not Website.

According to the data of okex perpetual contract (BTC / usdt), bitcoin showed a slight downward trend on the 6th and 2nd days. It had twice tested the first-line support of 15800, and finally stopped falling and stabilized. At present, the rebound momentum has been significantly enhanced. Okex analyst Charles believes that because the medium and long-term large-scale trend is in the obvious long-term pattern, it is not easy to adjust the market significantly. In addition, the short-term trend bullish sentiment has also rebounded, and the currency price is more likely to continue to rise, and is expected to reach a new high in the short term. It is suggested that in the short term, we should continue to focus on 15800 first-line support. As long as there is no clear break in the price, we should not blindly short or short.

At the same time, the activity also supports the fire currency contract VIP sharing plan. Users who meet the conditions can submit a snapshot of their VIP level or transaction volume in the past 30 days to enjoy the corresponding VIP rights and interests of the fire currency contract.

According to the number of golden fruits( JGZ.COM )According to the monitoring: in the past week, okex has net withdrawal of 312 million USD, on the day of opening withdrawal (November 26), the net recharge value of Yuan'an usdt wallet is 208 million USD, the net recharge value of fire currency usdt wallet is 73.76 million USD, and the net withdrawal of okex is 190 million USD; within the two days of opening withdrawal of okex, the withdrawal quantity and withdrawal times are greater than the recharge value. From the full withdrawal data of okex on the day of withdrawing coins, the number of transactions is less than that of fire currency or coin security, but the transaction volume is quite large. Some small users should choose legal currency transaction.

BTC contract is now quoted at US $18825.83, a discount of US $42.03, up or down 6.18% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 46.8858 million and the turnover was 1722.5613 million US dollars. The current total position was 1.772 million hands, which was - 95900 hands compared with the previous trading day.

According to the official website, cyber The investigation team's analysis of recent Ethereum smart contracts shows that there are serious loopholes in nearly 3800 smart contracts, which can enable hackers to steal tens of thousands of dollars quickly. The team said it was easy for users to check whether the platform they were using was using a smart contract with any of these vulnerabilities. They can view smart contracts on Etherscan or similar browsers to see if they have been audited and verified. If the smart contract has not bBitcoin mining blockeen approved or verified, it is recommended to avoid using this specific platform or online service.