Current Bitcoin price usd

Current Bitcoin price usd

According to coinhills data, the US dollar accounts for 69.64% of bitcoin to French currency transactions, still ranking the first; the second is Japanese yeCurrent Bitcoin price usdn, accounting for 20.62%; the third is won, accounting for 3.07%; the fourth and fifth places are euro (2.93%) and Turkish lira (1.40%).

Users can lock the bel token in bellocker for 30 / 60 / 120 / 360 days to obtain bel revenue. Lock rate of return is fixed, so users do not have to worry about the impact of market volatility on yield.

As of November 21, the number of BTC active addresses was 849100, a decrease of 14.8% compared with yesterday; the number of transactions on the chain was 311000, a decrease of 10.5% compared with yesterday; there were 504 large value transfers with more than 100 BTC links, a decrease of 35.3% compared with yesterday. The number of eth active addresses was 643200, an increase of 1.6% over yesterday. According to the currency World Research Institute, there is a positive correlation between the activity of transactions on the chain and the currency price.

On November 19, mercury Finance officially announced that the liquidity mining was started at the block height of 11279200. From block 11279200 to block 11416200, the liquidity mining cycle is three times, and users can carry out liquidity mining three times faster than the average speed. From block 11416200 to block 25505200, it will be mined at regular rates.

On November 30, plasma network, the Boca layer 2 expansion protocol, announced that it would conduct the first out of chain community vote to decide whether tokens should be distributed to unclaimed participants in the second lockdrop. Officials said the second airdrop had been completed about two months ago, involving 9325 addresses. Although the deadline for one token claim had been extended, 6.9% of the people did not receive the token.

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