Bitcoin to USD calculator

Bitcoin to USD calculator

Eth contract is now quoted at $570.57, a discount of $Bitcoin to USD calculator1.28 compared with the spot price, up or down by - 7.40% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 8.371 million and the turnover was $248.0615 million. The current total position was 1.7336 million, which was 135700 hands more than that of the previous trading day.

On November 30, plasma network, the Boca layer 2 expansion protocol, announced that it would conduct the first out of chain community vote to decide whether tokens should be distributed to unclaimed participants in the second lockdrop. Officials said the second airdrop had been completed about two months ago, involving 9325 addresses. Although the deadline for one token claim had been extended, 6.9% of the people did not receive the token.

The trading volume of btcusdt perpetual contract is 30563211, and the proportion of long and short positions is 0.92/1; the proportion of long position and short position is 50.43% and 49.57% respectively.

Betprotocol announced that it will integrate chainlink Oracle service to provide operators with decentralized E-sports and sports data. It will be launched at 12:00 noon on November 14 (tomorrow)《 The total amount is 3 million GT, the lock period is 7 days, the interest currency is usdg, and the annualized rate of return is about 6-12%. Mobile app users can choose the "financial treasure" button on the market page to participate, and mobile browser and computer web users can click "wealth management treasure" to participate.

FSExA.ORG Based on wave field chain, it is the world's first decentralized material chain application integrating defi + NFT, which supports the DEI decentralized transaction and NFT multi block combination one-to-one physical chain auction. It is reported that, FSExA.ORG FXa / trxlp mining will be started, and NFT blocks will be randomly obtained during mining, so as to further improve the application value of governance token. Getting FXa is early involvement FSExA.ORGbusiness ThBitcoin to USD calculatore only way.

PROEX launched the registration reward activity in October, which attracted wide attention of users. In order to continue to give back to users, PROEX opened the registration reward activity again from now on to 23:59 on November 30. During the activity, you can get the reward by registering on PROEX exchange, and the reward for inviting friends will be doubled. In addition, the total amount of weekly withdrawal is up to 2000 usdt.