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Bitcoin mining\ The 52nd eth lock up financing of Tiantian financial management was opened at 12:00 today for 7 days with an annualized rate of 5%. At present, only 10% of the positions are left; JGN position management has been sold out; usdt financial experience gold demand welfare special session is continuing, with an annualized rate of 25%. The highest income of wealth management treasure is 9.97% and that of POS is 25%. The two zonesBitcoin mining\ contain major mainstream currency and hot currency financing projects.

The number of active miners was 680, a decrease compared with yesterday. In recent 24 hours, the output is 177526 fil and the pledge quantity is 17436867 fil. The top five miners with effective computing power are shown in the figure.

New investment opportunities were officially held in Shanghai on November 19. This forum focuses on cross-border dialogue and restart speculation. It has been supported by a number of investment institutions, media, communities and KOL. Famous economists in Shanghai, investors from around the world, blockchain practitioners and real economy participants will participate in the forum.

Jins, an analyst at today's currency World Research Institute, believes that: during the BTC shock operation, although the price hit a short-term high, but there is no sign of pulling the plate. Most of the mainstream currencies follow BTC volatility, and typical trading opportunities may appear in the near future. And the dollar index short-term accelerated decline, or will aggravate this process.

BTC continued to fluctuate and rise in the evening, just breaking through 17500 usdt for a short time, and currently it is located around 17550 usdt. Most of the mainstream currencies followed the market and continued to rise in volatility in the evening, among which XRP, BCH, LTC and so on increased greatly. BTC reported 17547 at firecoin global station

According to cointegraph on December 4, Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy's chief executive, said bitcoin in 2017 was too volatile and risky because it was an asset in its infancy and could fall to zero. Saylor stressed that these arguments are now less important because bitcoin has developed significantly in three years. He said LeBron James played basketball from the age of 8 to 18, but he grew up to be one of the greatest players in history, and bitcoin is going through a stage similar to LeBron Bitcoin mining\James. Saylor said:

4. The first three currencies of 24-hour capital inflow: eth (+ 5668900 U.S. dollars), fil (+ 846000 U.S. dollars), dash (+ 794900 U.S. dollars); the first three currencies of 24-hour capital outflow: XRP (- 4.7191 million U.S. dollars), BTC (- 4.5971 million U.S. dollars), CVC (- 2.2816 million U.S. dollars).