Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin

Earlier today, the Guggenheim macroopportunities Fund (Guggenheim macroopportunities Fund) was granted the right to invest $500 million in the gray bitcoin trust, according to deribit. The news triggered a lot of buying activity in the options market, which may drive the recovery of bitcTrading Bitcoinoin. In the United States, bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) do not exist, and gray bitcoin trust is the first entry point for most institutional investors.

1. The total value of the global digital money market was $547.969 billion (+ 1.57%), and the 24-hour trading volume was $66.950 billion (+ 5.76%).

4. The first three currencies of 24-hour capital inflow: BTC (+ 189 million US dollars), LTC (+ 59.3014 million US dollars), XRP (+ 8.256 million US dollars); the first three currencies of 24-hour capital outflow: eth (- 32.0696 million US dollars), fil (- 13.4775 million US dollars), and usdt (- 3.1522 million US dollars).

MyAnimeList, the anime online community, has incorporated cryptocurrency payments into its e-book platform, according to cointegraph. The company will cooperate with its parent company, digitallist, on the block chain of myancimelist.

Due to the upgrade of the main network, firecoin global station has suspended the coin charging and withdrawal services of Zen (horizen). After the upgrade is completed, it will be restored as soon as possible. The specific time will be notified by announcement.

The algorand fouTrading Bitcoinndation released a new token model, which will fix the total supply of 10 billion algo distribution time span,