Bitcoin Revolution legal bonus

Bitcoin Revolution legal bonus

Bitcoin has survived the early underlying infrastructure period. With the maturity of community politics, the eternal soft fork developmenBitcoin Revolution legal bonust route has gradually been established. After a series of political practices, it has been demonstrated that this route is feasible. This route has been further strengthened. After criticism and reflection, I think this line has been established and there is no possibility of being shaken for a long time.

Editor's note: Everyone has discussed a lot about the currency of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some things have become commonplace, but in fact, this is still the most worthy of discussion. What makes this article special is not only the fairness of its arguments, but also that the author points out the issues that both sides have neglected. Proponents of Bitcoin have long used theories related to base currency to illustrate the meaning of Bitcoin, but as the author pointed out, the meaning of currency is complicated and the caliber is diverse, which proves that Bitcoin has the adaptability to meet these complex needs. , Is a problem that should not be ignored (in fact, this problem has also been discussed in the discussion of Bitcoin scalability). For the supporters of Ethereum, there are also some problems that have been watered down or even ignored in the geek culture of the community, including but not limited to the tension of governance and the stability of monetary policy.

Feng Pei: According to our country's legislation and general legal principles, the effectiveness of the country's laws is hierarchical and hierarchical. The highest legal effect is the Constitution, followed by the laws enacted by the National People’s Congress, such as the Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure Law. The laws and regulations enacted by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress are once again effective. The management method, again, is the notice and announcement made by the ministries and commissions.

Juan Villaverde, the designer of WeissRatings cryptocurrency rating and price prediction model, said in an interview last week that he firmly believes that Bitcoin will come back to life in 2019. Juan Villaverde said:

According to internal information leaked by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, detectives had already met with Coincheck employees on January 29 and investigated whether they might have violated laws related to hacking, theft, and other allegations. At the same time, they began to analyze the public account books of the New Economic Currency so that all transactions could be seen.

And using computing power to launch 51% attacks on miners on other chains, maliciously isolating other miBitcoin Revolution legal bonusners’ blocks, and using real names to initiate such attacks, how many people think this is reasonable and legal. I think this is illegal. At least it is certain that this thing is unethical.