Bitcoin price (USD)

Bitcoin price (USD)

According to the official announcement of 58coin, in view of the stable operation and maintenance of currency security of the index anchoring platform, the platform has resumed the 1225 trading and perpetuaBitcoin price (USD)l contract index price components of BNB quarter (coin safety 70%, fire currency 30%).

At present, the total value of the mobile token of uniswap is about US $1.77 billion (+ 4.33%), and the 24-hour transaction volume is about US $429 million (+ 8.96%). The top three token of increase: yeld (+ 87.88%), DFT (+ 42.25%), layer (+ 37.18%); the top three token of decline: mph (- 28.63%), SFI (- 24.77%), strong (- 19.02%). Tip: anyone can create and name any erc20 token on uniswap. Please pay attention to the risk when exchanging the token.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively at 457.97usdt (+ 3.63%), XRP is tentatively at 0.285usdt (+ 6.53%), BCH is at 247.3usdt (- 1.03%), LTC is at 71.97usdt (+ 16.76%), EOS is at 2.558usdt (+ 3.34%), BSV is tentatively at 157.08usdt (+ 2.61%).

On November 17, sushiswap (sushi), a liquidity mining project, was launched to introduce the improved permanent menu page (menu) for liquidity providers. Sushichef officials said it would temporarily delete the menu of the week (MOTW) product line and redistribute the proceeds to eth / usdt, ETH / usdc, ETH / Dai and eth / wbtc trading pairs. In addition, sushiswap also reconsidered the incentive measures for trading pairs with total lock-in value (TVL) of less than 10 million, reducing the yields of Ren / eth, band / eth, comp / eth, SNx / eth, UMA / Eth and CRV / eth from 0.2x to 0.1X.

At 16:00 p.m. yesterday, China currency (ZB) opened the third phase of the subscription activity of filecoin spot cloud computing power in zillion mine pool. The price of the purchase was 530 usdt, and the total amount of rush purchase was 1000tfilecoin computing power. It is reported that the event was originally planned to end at 16:00 on November 28 and sold out in advance at 21:00 last night. To thank users for their support,

according to Bitcoin.com12 On Monday, Germany's second-largest stock exchange, Boers Stuttgart, announced on Monday that its cryptocurrency trading app bison had a record trading volume of 1 billion euros Bitcoin price (USD)(more than $1.2 billion) this year.

According to etcnodes data, etc main network reached block height of 11700000 at 03:48 on November 29, and thanos hard fork upgrade has been activated. The upgrade was deployed through thanos (ecip-1099) protocol to restore the mining rights of 3gb and 4gbgpu miners. Up to now, 67.7% of the nodes are ready and 32.3% are not ready.