Bitcoin mining for fools

Bitcoin mining for fools

In 2014, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was reviewed by the SEC for its redemption method (converting GBTC back to Bitcoin), and was subsequently fined $50,000 and closed the GBTC exchange method in 2016. At present, users can use cash or bitcoin to exchange GBTC to Grayscale, and GBTC obtained through Bitcoin mining for foolsexchange needs to be locked for half a year before being sold on the OTC market. Since Grayscale has closed the channel for GBTC to redeem Bitcoin, many investors jokingly call Grayscale "Pixiu".

However, maintaining yesterday’s view that Bitcoin has come to the weekly-level platform area. This platform was a supporting platform formed in February, April, and June before 2018; plus this August, there were a total of 4 swings. ; It is obvious in the figure that the high points of rising waves are lower than each wave, and the speed of falling waves is faster than each wave. At the weekly level, the Bitcoin price situation is not optimistic.

More people believe that mining technology will develop rapidly in the years to come. It is very likely that mining chips are small enough and cheap to be installed in various equipment. The matter of mining will change from a large-scale and asset-heavy industry. It is a very daily and common thing, and each user can also participate in mining.

In 2013, the so-called BM (Daniel Larimer) developed the world's first decentralized exchange, BitShares, and invented bitUSD. bitUSD is actually a futures contract based on the US dollar. bitUSD is an encrypted digital currency in the BitShares system. It is known as a digital currency linked to the US dollar. Its value is guaranteed by the double value of BitShares behind it.

According to CoinMarketCap data, since 8:00 on May 10, the price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply, falling 15% within one hour, and once fell to $8,200. Bitcoin's decline brought a transmission effect. As of 17:00 on May 11, the total market value of virtual currencies had shrunk to 236.9 billion US dollars. Ethereum (ETH) reported US$186, down 27% daily; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) reported US$229, down 16% daily; Litecoin (LTC) reported US$41, down 7% daily.

The biggest consensus of Bitcoin at present is to be a value storage tool. Everyone hopes that the main function of Bitcoin is to be converted into legal currency at any time. Anyone who buys Bitcoin can not use or enjoy other functions. First explain two concepts: carrier and stored object. Just like the water tank holds water, the water tank is the Bitcoin mining for foolscarrier, and the water is the object to be stored.